Totem at Virtual Laval 2016- Only as good as the French say it is


After Vrvana attended this year’s annual conference in France, Virtual Laval, Nicolas Germouty wrote an article giving feedback on his experience.    We began with Epic’s famous Showdown demo giving him a taste of virtual reality and he was impressed with the perfectly executed head tracking that required no external help but only the two frontal cameras on the Totem.  Which led to trying the passthrough mode, allowing anyone wearing the HMD to switch from VR to reality without removing it, or even fading half-way from one world to the other so he didn’t feel completely isolated from the rest of the world.  His associates were also very pleased with our AR function with its 120 degrees field of view.  Augmented reality is definitely not a new concept, but with Totem, you can see a life-size hologram which like he said, immerses you in a science-fiction universe.