Vrvana is the brainchild of Bertrand Nepveu who dreamt of a truly immersive virtual reality platform. Totem was designed with robust technology and user comfort in mind. Back in 2005, it all started as a personal quest to improve his video gaming experience, and it quickly expanded into blended and augmented reality.

With an expanded team of software and hardware engineers and 5 prototype versions completed, they have a product that’s ready for developers to begin using to create outstanding 3D VR experiences.



Bertrand has been an hardcore gamer since the ColecoVision. He tried the Power Glove in 1989 and realized that VR was the future. Entrepreneur at heart, in 2005 he decided to found a VR start-up to fulfill his longtime dream!



A geek at heart, Marc-O has a vision where virtual reality will revolutionize the world and be used for the good and advancement of mankind. His expertise is in PM, systems integration and software dev.



Passionate about VR, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Graduated in Electronic engineering, Yan has been involved in different fields of digital imaging. Specific expertises include system architecture, electronic design, FPGA and software.



J-F is an expert in electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. Having piloted small planes in the past, he has longed dreamt of an immersive flight simulator. The dream now becomes reality with Totem.

Sandy Carter

Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture

Marc-André Chénier

Simon Fortin-Deschênes

Sadri Essafi

Anthony Ghannoum

Alexandre Savard

Kristina Tremblay

Irv Lustigman

Jia Xu

Reza Shoja