Just tried @Vrvana and their stereo pass-through cameras are the BEST I have ever tried on a VR headset. #VisionSummit16

Rev VR


Beyond Virtual Reality

Totem allows for an unparalleled view into virtual and blended reality worlds. No other display lets the user see, and integrate, so much of what is around them.

The Widest Field of View

With a 120 degree field of view, the Totem head mounted display brings complete immersion. Patent pending Wide Field-Of -View Optics that gives you an amazing 120 degrees in a lightweight design that combines aspherical lenses to Fresnel optic technologies. These can be used for the PC or Mobile market.

Low Latency Video with Front Facing Cameras

Patent pending hardware architecture that delivers sub 20ms latency in both Augmented and Virtual Reality scenarios.

A cross-platform SDK

PC, Mac, Linux or Android with supported game plugins for Unity and Unreal.

Positional Tracking and Object Recognition

Computer-vision algorithms for inside-out positional tracking and object recognition for Augmented Reality.

Collaborate in new ways

Team members from around the world can work together – looking at and manipulating virtual objects from different angles. Totem’s video passthrough technology goes beyond virtual reality. It blends live video and motion recognition into a software controlled virtual world.

Imagine designing your kitchen with a professional inside a virtual space: go ahead and change the cupboards and change the colour! Collaboration will never be the same.

Off the shelves or adapted to your dreams

VRVANA is world class hardware and software engineering team passionate about VR, AR, and blended reality. We are open for collaboration with game changing projects in all industries. In the coming months we will launch TOTEM, our high end visualization and interaction HMD and off the shelf solution for enabling our scenarios envisioned for VR and AR. Contact us today to talk about it.


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