… what really stuck out for me was how natural the stereo pass-thru mode felt, making it potentially the best AR display I’ve tried to date.

Karl Krantz - Silicon Valley Virtual Reality

Just tried @Vrvana and their stereo pass-through cameras are the BEST I have ever tried on a VR headset. #VisionSummit16

Rev Kyle - VR Evangelist

The remarkable zero-latency pass-through camera of Vrvana’s headset shows that there will be a lot of room for innovation and competition in HMD’s.

Philip Rosedale - cofounder of Second Life and High Fidelity


With an unrivaled 120° field of view in both augmented and virtual reality, Totem is about complete immersion into blended worlds. Unique front facing cameras allow you to see, and then augment, the world around you. With Totem there is no need for outside cameras or laser tracking systems. Merging the virtual and the real, Totem is more than virtual reality. Totem lets teams work together in new ways. Collaboration will never be the same!

Totem is the most immersive AR experience with the greatest field of view. Compare with Hololens and others:

  • 1
    Off the Shelf
  • 2
    Or Custom Built
  • 3
    Low Latency Video Passthrough
  • 4
    Develop with Open API's
  • 5
    Widest Field of View